Dr. Asif Ekbal

Associate Professor
Room No-410, Block-3
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
IIT Patna
Phone: +91-6115-233-8090 (Office) & +91-8521274830 (Mobile)
Email: asif@iitp.ac.in & asif.ekbal@gmail.com

Current Updates

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Serial No. Name Salient Features
1Judicial Domain Machine Translation (Demo)
  1. Machine Translation is one of most useful technologies to bridge the language barrier.Ā Ā Built an efficient neural machine translation (NMT) model for translating legal documents from English to Hindi and Hindi to English languages.
  2. Translating legal documents from one language to the other is extremely important to make the important and relevant information available to all the citizens.
  3. Manual translation by human experts is both time-consuming and cost-sensitive. Often incurs delay in the overall justice delivery process. Justice delayed is justice denied.
  4. Will contribute immensely in the overall justice delivery process.
2Machine Translation in e-commerce (in collaboration with Flipkart) (Demo)
  1. Machine Translation system for translating e-commerce contents from English to Indian languages.
  2. It is to be noted that there is a tremendous growth in the number of e-commerce users, especially during this pandemic situation.
  3. The statistics show that almost 80 percent of the IndianĀ population is not very proficient in English and they communicate in their own local languages.
  4. Such a system will assist the Indian customers.
  5. Very useful for multilingual information access of the multilingual citizens of India
  6. Currently can translate from English to HindiĀ